Wailing Whales

A fun-based experience where your goal is to bring two whales together

Role: Programmer
Team Size: 5 (Weizheng Lee, Keran Sui, Jamie Bae, Sixue Cheng)
Duration: 1 week
Platform: Windows/Phidgets

Wailing Whales is a rhythm following desktop co-op game developed using Phidgets as a part of Building Virtual Worlds coursework at the Entertainment Technology Center in Carnegie Mellon University. The theme of this round was to create something fun to play. In Wailing Whales, two guests play the role of a male whale. The goal of the game is to charm the female whale by reciprocating her sound signals. There are three kinds of sound signals. Pink, Orange and Green. For Pink signal, guest 1 has to clap, for orange one, guest 2 has to clap, and for green signal, the guests have to high-five together.

My role as a programmer was to use the Phidgets SDK and connect the hardware with software. I used the SDK to obtain signals from two kinds of Phidgets – Force and Magnet phidgets. The individual claps were recorded using force phidgets whereas the magnet phidgets took care of high fives. We also designed specialized gloves to fit the phidgets inside them. I also managed some of the game flow, particle effects and scripted events in the game. The main difficulty we faced was reliability on phidgets. The force phidget failed to detect force sometimes and the magnet phidget malfunctioned sometimes after being in contact with a magnet for too long.

Upon Revisiting, I would like to design the functioning of the claps in a better way.